The Process of Selling a business

Selling your business, or finding outside capital to grow or transition, can be a daunting and complex process, but have no fear because we will be with you 24/7 until you are satisfied. Here is the way a process typically works:

  1. We meet with you to understand your business and your personal objectives clearly.
  2. We set goals for liquidity, growth and transition.
  3. We select specific buyers, investors and partners who will not waste your time.
  4. You vet the buyers, and we meet with those buyers. We present financial information to those you are 100% comfortable with, in the proper format and under strict confidentiality.
  5. One or more buyers presents a non-binding letter of intent.
  6. You accept a letter of intent with the best buyer, and due diligence occurs. Due diligence is a very thorough review of all aspects of your business.
  7. Deal is consummated with goals achieved!